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  • US Presidential Election

    Par CONSTANCE LOMBART, publié le jeudi 24 mars 2016 12:22 - Mis à jour le vendredi 25 mars 2016 10:42

    US Presidential Election

    Travail réalisé par les 4è de Section Européenne


    The next president of the United States of America will be elected in November 2016.

    Indeed, there are 2 political parties involved: Democrats and Republicans.

    The members of each party choose which candidate is going to represent their party.


    Here are the candidates still running for the Nomination



    Hillary Clinton

    Hillary Clinton was born on 26th October 1947 in Chicago. She is Bill Clinton's wife so she's been First Lady. She has got a daughter.

    When she was young she was a lawyer. She has a big political career. From January 2009 until February 2013, she was the Secretary of State.

    She is a Democrat, she wants to make rich people pay more taxes and she wants to limit the access to arms.

    She has won several states and must become the Democrat candidate.





    Bernie Sanders

    Bernie Sanders was born on September 8th 1941 in New York. His wife is Jane O'Meara. He was independent, that is to say he didn't belong to any political party but he became a Democrat recently. He was Mayor of Burlington City from 1991 until 1989 and  US Representative from 1991 until 2007. He became a US Senator in 2007.  Bernie Sanders wants to cancel the fees at the University. He wants to increase the security of the country but he is against the death penalty. He said: “Everybody has the right to heal”.






    Donald Trump


    Donald Trump was born on June 14th 1946 in New York city. Trump is an American businessman. He has got 3 children. He is a multi billionaire thanks to his estate company. Donald is a Republican. Donald Trump is the US Senator of Florida.

    He likes to be aggressive or criticize his opponents. He's considered as a showman but he has already won a lot of primaries and caucuses. He might be the Republican candidate for Presidency.






    Ted Cruz:

    Ted Cruz was born on December 22nd, 1970 in Calgary (Canada). He's a Republican. Cruz graduated from Princeton University and Harvard Law School. He has been a teacher and a Solicitor General. He married Heidi in 2001 and they have got 2 daughters. Cruz became the youngest US Senator from Texas in 2013. He's the first Hispanic who won an American presidentiel primary or caucus. Ted Cruz is against abortion but he supports death penalty. He's a pro-guns and he criticized the rapprochement between Cuba and the USA.




    If you want to see the 2016 primary results, click on:




    Par CONSTANCE LOMBART, publié le lundi 30 novembre 2015 10:14 - Mis à jour le lundi 30 novembre 2015 10:15

    Après avoir étudié Roald Dahl en section européenne, ainsi que plusieurs des personnages de ses romans, nous avons créé un quizz rien que pour vous. Il s'intitule "Which Roald Dahl character are you?" (=Quel personnage de Roald Dahl es-tu?)

    - Click on the link:

    - The questions and answers are in English but don't worry: it's super easy!

    - Do the quizz and you will know which character you are.

    - Have fun :-)


    Les 4ème EURO

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